Do you make clothing and accessories for ball jointed dolls? Are you a dealer for BJD companies, or shoe/wig/eye suppliers?
Do you have a heap of second hand BJD goods you don't want anymore, and would like to sell them on?
Why not become a trader? Fill out an application form now!

Confirmed Traders

Dorset Clothing sells BJD clothing for Super Gem, EID, SD, MSD, Minifee, YoSD and similar sizes.

Peppermint Circus sells BJD clothing for MSD/Mini, Chicline, YoSD, Rosette, Minifee and similar sizes.

Annie E Designs will be selling original Ball Jointed Dolls.

Porcelain Dolls By Me will be selling doll stands, wigs, eyes and other doll-making items.

Carrot will be selling BJD Kimonos and Dresses. They are also an agent for DikaDoll, B&G and LoongSoul.

Dina from That Creative Feeling will be selling 1/6 assorted accessories and furniture.
Her resin Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' by acclaimed BJD artist Marina Bychkova will also be on display.
This is one of a limited edition of 100 resin dolls released by Marina globally.

Indollgence will be selling a variety of ball jointed dolls from companies such as Dollzone, Doll Leaves, and more.
They will also be selling clothes, shoes, wigs and accessories in a range of sizes.

Faceups by Purplemoo4u will be selling jewellery for dolls in a range of sizes and will be advertising her face up services.

This Isn't Even My Final Form will be selling flower crowns, clothing for MSD and SD, Monster High Faceups and OOAK Monster High Dolls.

Bird Cage Doll Designs will be selling clothing and furniture for BJDs including SD, MSD and YoSD sizes.

Sew Petite will be selling BJD clothes for Lati White and Pukifee dolls.

Rue De Poupée will be selling handmade historical and vintage inspired hats and clothing, MSD and smaller sizes.

Lee-Anne's Dolls will be selling BJD photo backdrops, and BJD accessories like wigs, shoes and socks.

Red Lion BJD will be selling clothing for BJDs.

Happy BJD will be selling furniture and props for BJDs.